TRANS AURIGA helps bringing Anke home


One reason we love our job so much: Together with our partners we are able to make many things possible – like now. We help our friend Anke Heines from LEADaktiv, who is stuck in Australia.

Anke should take a flight early April von Brisbane to Frankfurt – but it was cancelled. Since then she’s stuck in Australia. Trying to get her back to Germany Marco Niebling of HEMA, also a friend of our company, asked if we could help. The problem is: There is a flight from Brisbane to Sydney on the 29 th of April and one from Sydney to Frankfurt the day day after – but Anke is located 175 km away from Brisbane. No problem at all in normal times, but at the moment quite a huge one. Nevertheless, it can be solved.

Our Heiko knew the right person to ask in Australia: Another friend of ours, Elisa Howie from Cargo Line International. She took care of the situation and organized both, a hotel near the airport for the night in Sydney and, even better, two possibilities for Anke to get to the airport despite the current restrictions.

That’s why we love our job and our great partners around the globe. Many thanks to Elisa for her help and hopefully a smooth journey back home, Anke! We keep our fingers crossed!