Trans Auriga Klimaschutz

Prime climate: a TRANS AURIGA forest in Nicaragua


TRANS AURIGA is taking a stand for the environment and offsetting employees’ work-related flights. 50 trees have been planted in Nicaragua, or more precisely in Boaco, as a result of offsetting for 2019 and 2020.

Timo Wittmann explains the idea behind it: “We are always trying to be progressive in logistics and to lead the way. So it is only logical that we want to be one of the environmental trailblazers too.” Tobias Pisall adds: “It is possible to do a lot of things digitally in logistics these days, but work-related flights cannot be avoided altogether. This is why we have decided to offset the carbon dioxide produced by our trips.”

We have chosen the not-for-profit organisation PRIMAKLIMA as our partner in this. A proposal for compensating for the CO2 emissions produced can be calculated via PRIMAKLIMA and trees can be planted in selected regions to offset those emissions.

“We use the proposal from PRIMAKLIMA as a guide for offsetting,” says Timo. 50 trees have accordingly been planted to offset the flights taken during the last two years. This is not intended to be a passing fad either. “We will also carbon offset future flights,” announces Tobi. TRANS AURIGA’s own little forest will be created in Nicaragua.

“But it’s not as though we want to keep the forest all for ourselves,” says Tobi. “We would be happy for other companies to follow our example and also offset their CO2 emissions.” This way, the little TRANS AURIGA forest will hopefully soon grow into a big logistics forest.