Always keep an eye on your cargo with TAhawkeye


When valuable goods are shipped over thousands of kilometers, the old saying goes: Trust is good, control is better. But how are you supposed to keep an eye on your cargo on the high seas or in deep Siberia? It’s very simple: with our TAhawkeye – tracking solution.

The most important part first: Of course, our tracker handles the most important basic function and transmits the GSP position. But it wouldn’t be a TRANS AURIGA product if it couldn’t offer much more than that! And we aren’t just referring to geofencing, which issues a notification when the cargo reaches locations you select yourself.

Tracker with a variety of control options

In its most comprehensive version, TAhawkeye offers six additional control values:
– Humidity
– Vibration
– Temperature
– Free fall
– Box opening
– Orientation

What is the benefit of all this? Security in a wide variety of scenarios. For instance, if you ship a prototype, you can use our TAhawkeye to track whether someone has opened your cargo. Sensitive machines can react to variations in temperature and humidity, data you will always have access to with TAhawkeye. If damages occur due to cargo falling, you will be safeguarded. You will be able to demonstrate when the fall occurred.
Admittedly: These are all negative scenarios you would rather not deal with.

But at the end of the day, it’s always the same in logistics: It’s better to be on the safe side – with TAhawkeye and TRANS AURIGA.