Übersicht Dashboard-Ansicht TAcontroltower

Keeping an eye on everything with the TAcontroltower


How complicated can it be to send goods from A to B? Anyone working in the logistics industry will know: It might sound really easy, but it can actually get a bit tricky. Because usually there are various companies responsible for the different stages. It can quickly become very complex, especially when several consignments are on their way at the same time. If only there was a practical solution to all this… But there is: the TAcontroltower! We use it to keep an eye on everything on behalf of our customers – and our customers can track all of the key data at any time using the clearly set out dashboard.

Our TAcontroltower clearly shows the most important key figures such as delivery reliability and punctuality, proportions of consignments in terms of loading points and suppliers as well as proportions of the individual types of consignment (part loads, full loads, piece goods, etc.). At the same time, the dashboard view can be customised so that the most relevant data is visible first for everyone. And what about the alleged chaos when coordinating the individual steps of transportation? That’s no problem either. Because we take over the organisation. For the customer, this means loads of transparency and no stress whatsoever.

Although, of course, we can increase transparency still further. Because the TAcontroltower can be enhanced with our TAhawkeye tracking tool. Then, in addition to the key figures, the GPS position of the consignments and a host of other real-time data can be called up. And because you can’t be expected to keep an eye on the data all the time, notifications by email or app can be set up for both. Smart, easy, straightforward – just like TRANS AURIGA.Dashboard TAcontroltower