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Transport and warehouse solutions despite bottlenecks caused by coronavirus


This news will come as no surprise to most people: the coronavirus and international measures being taken against it spreading are posing a few problems for logistics. For example, there are currently capacity bottlenecks in sea and air transportation to China. We wouldn’t be TRANS AURIGA if we didn’t have solutions for you in spite of all this.

The specific problem
Among other things, maritime transport has been greatly restricted by the spread of the coronavirus and the after-effects of the Chinese New Year. Shipping from China has largely stopped over the last few weeks so there has been no exchange of containers which are currently needed for exports in Europe. On top of this, airfreight is only a limited option too since just a few airlines are offering flights to China and the freight rates on offer are accordingly very high.

Our specific solutions
The obvious option is rail transport to China. This is operating as normal, starting from Duisburg, Hamburg and Nuremberg in Germany. At the moment, there is still free capacity so transportation under the usual conditions is possible. However, the risk, which does apply to this route as well, is that it still might not be possible to deliver throughout the whole of China and this risk cannot be ruled out at the moment due to the dynamic developments in the country.

Interim warehousing of goods is one alternative option in the current situation. In principle, warehousing space is relatively scarce but TRANS AURIGA still has some free space near Stuttgart, in enclosed warehouses as well as outside. Warehousing is possible on a fast and flexible basis, both in terms of the size of space and the duration.

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