Logistics from China to Hamburg


Young, dynamic and recently launched. That’s “La Poca.”. So you’re thinking they’re just like TRANS AURIGA? Well, almost. “La Poca.” is a fashion start-up whose debut collection of high-quality bags is just going on sale. And we are not exactly experts in the field of fashion, to be honest. But we are logistics gurus – and in that respect we are a perfect match. We undertook the full-service logistics for the transportation of their debut collection – all the way from the factory in Guangzhou, China, to the warehouse in Hamburg. 

What exactly do we mean by full-service logistics? An entirely worry-free package. Specifically, communicating locally with the supplier with regard to the export formalities in China and coordinating the readiness of the consignment for shipment at the Guangzhou factory. Then, of course, groupage shipment in a container by rail via Wuhan to Hamburg in about three weeks. And last but not least, customs clearance in Hamburg and delivery of the bags to the warehouse. All from a single source and delivered punctually in time to go on sale during the pre-Christmas period, all thanks to TRANS AURIGA.