How do you get a name like that?

TRANS AURIGA. Maybe it sounds a bit like a spaceship? You’re not actually that far off. But first things first: the first part of the company name probably doesn’t need much explanation. “TRANS” for transport. Okay so far.

But “AURIGA”? Well, it doesn’t have anything to do with aura or the aurora. Tobias and Timo heard the word in a science fiction film: “Alien Resurrection” takes place on USM Auriga. They liked it. And after a quick consultation of Wikipedia, the decision was quickly made.

The Latin word “Auriga” is the name of the helmsman constellation. What could be more suitable? After all, the lads from TRANS AURIGA like to reach for the stars. And when it comes to managing logistics processes, nobody can fool them.

Incidentally, the constellation can also be found in the company’s logo – Auriga is actually part of the “winter hexagon”. Which is lucky because otherwise someone might have come up with the idea of creating a logo in the shape of a spaceship.